Riverside Academy Primary School

Meet the Team

Staff Members

Executive Headteacher Nursery Nurse
 Mrs C Norman Mrs J French
Mrs B Allen
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs H Bolstridge
Mrs R Valand
HLTA/Cover Supervisor
Mrs G Norris
Mrs E Green
SEND Co-ordinator
Mrs S George – SEND Lead
Miss L Coxon – SEND Assistant
EYFS Phase Lead Learning Support Assistants
Mrs L Hough Miss E Barnett
Miss M Groves
Mrs C Hartshorn
Mrs J Ruddle
Miss C Page
Miss S Chibbu
Mrs M Tebbutt
Mrs J Scrimshire
Mrs C Munden
Mrs T Harding
Mrs J Bollard
Mrs K Ager
Mrs D Garrett
Mrs M Pollard
Mrs E Pears
Mrs L Hennessey
Mrs R Manship
Mrs J Macmanard
Mrs R Adcock
EYFS Teachers
Mrs L Hough/Mrs M Coley
Miss M Attwood-Clarke
Key Stage One Phase Lead
Miss H Chana
Year One Teachers
Mrs S Wells
Miss S Giliie
Year Two Teachers
Mrs H Bolstridge/Mr A Green
Miss G Newton
Miss H Chana
Key Stage Two Phase Lead
Mr J Matjasz
Year Three Teachers
Miss L Hemsworth
Mrs S Bradwell
Mrs K Cokayne/Miss C Hampson
Year 4 Teachers Midday Supervisors
Mr J MatjaszMiss L Jones Mrs L Pedge
Mrs K Geeson
Mrs J Helps
Mrs S Knights
Mrs A Mason
Mrs T Newell
Mrs C Toon
Mrs J Young
Mr C Hewitson
Mrs M Channel
Mrs S Farmer
Year 5 Teachers
Mrs R Valand/Mr A Green
Mr B Mayoh
Year 6 Teachers
Miss N Patel
Mrs L Clarke/Ms G Hirsh
Administration Team
Mrs E Nichols - HR
Mrs L Williams – Senior Admin
Mrs A Smith – Finance Officer
Mrs K White – Admin Assistant
Mrs S Hill – Admin Assistant
Premise Team
Mr S Dorsey – Premise Officer
Mrs S Goodman - Cleaner
Mrs J Bevan - Cleaner
Mrs s Lord - Cleaner


Parents, carers and families are welcome to request any information about our school as a paper copy. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Riverside Community Primary School
Wanlip Lane

Executive Headteacher: Chelsea Norman
Chair of Governors: Chris Swan