Year 4


Greetings from Year 4!  Here, you can find information about the Curriculum being taught to your child whilst in Year 4 at Riverside Primary School.

We aim to ensure that each and every child develops a lifelong love for learning where everyone is encouraged to develop, grow and reach their potential whatever his or her ability.  The Year 4 Curriculum has been developed to encourage inspiration, engagement and excitement for all of our children.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.


The Curriculum

Your children will be exploring the Tudors, Forces and Fairgrounds and Inspiring India throughout the year.  Children will be developing their knowledge of different subjects utilising key skills needed, for example as a Historian, children will be exploring bias from different historical sources.

Year 4 children have an exciting opportunity of experiencing our fantastic Character Award which is designed to complement the Character Education your child receives.  They will take part in a range of activities designed to grow your child’s Character Muscles (Character traits) to help them develop these important life-skills such as: Teamwork, Imagination, Creativity and Honesty.  Our Character Education is underpinned by our 6Rs which are vital for children to thrive.

Curriculum Map - Autumn Term
Curriculum Map - Spring Year 4
Curriculum Map - Summer Term