Curriculum Intent
Curriculum Intent

At Riverside we aim to ensure that each and every child develops a lifelong love for learning where everyone is encouraged to develop and reach their potential whatever their ability. At Riverside we follow the incredibly ambitious National Curriculum, we use this as the basis for our knowledge learning across the curriculum ensuring that it is coherently planned, exciting and innovative. Our curriculum plans for enhanced cultural capital opportunities, that go beyond the realms of what is expected and builds on what children have previously experienced.

We aim to provide a quality of education that is vocabulary rich and that has high academic ambition for all of our children.

We want our children to enjoy coming to school, to feel safe and welcomed which in turn builds a culture where the children can be brave, inquisitive and confident learners. An ethos that is underpinned through the schools learning behaviours represented by the 6Rs:

 ‘Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reflection, Reciprocity’

This is also supported through both the Lionheart Trusts vision: ‘Excellence for All’ and through Riverside’s moto of ‘Believe and Achieve’ 

At Riverside we have developed a creative topic based curriculum. We firmly believe that children learn best when they are immersed in interesting and exciting topics. The different subject areas are interwoven throughout the topics, with all topics incorporating practical learning as well as opportunities to extend learning at a greater depth level.

We use the 6Rs as the roots to all of our teaching at Riverside which is then built on through the key skills or attitudes to learning that we develop in our children, these include:

Perseverance, Communication, Cooperation, Motivation, Taking initiative, Open mindedness, Patience, Curiousness, Flexibility, Empathy

These are then over arched by skills that the children can use across the curriculum and at mastery level. Finally children form a substantive knowledge base from the topics that they study that is extended and retained for further learning as they progress through their school life.

Please see the whole school curriculum map for an overview of the topics and please visit the individual year groups for a more detailed topic overview of each area covered.