Year 2

Year 2 Curriculum

In year 2 we promote a holistic approach to our school day;

  • Nurturing a life-long love for learning
  • Building our independence
  • Developing our social skills (and)
  • Supporting our wellbeing

To build on the continuous provision children have received in EYFS and Y1, we provide a curriculum that blends the importance of continued outdoor and practical learning with the more formal and structured element of learning.

Inspiring Topics:

We have worked hard to develop our curriculum, choosing topics to motivate, excite and inspire pupils including ‘Castles, Knights and Dragons’, ‘Protecting Planet Earth’ and ‘The Great Fire of London’(please see our curriculum maps for more information).

Lunchtime clubs and class social time help to develop children's independent learning skills, creativity, resourcefulness and social skills. They are lots of fun too!

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher; we are always here to support.

Curriculum Map - Autumn Term
Curriculum Map - Spring Year 2
Curriculum Map - Summer Term
KS1 SATS Assessments