LET Policies
Policy Date
LET Accessibility Action Plan And Disability Policy 2023-2026
LET Appropriate Policy Document 2022-2024
LET Biometrics Policy 2023-2025
LET British Values & Challenging Extremism Statement 2022-2024
LET CCTV Policy 2024-2026
LET Children With Medical Needs Who Cannot Attend School 2023-2025
LET Complaints Against A Trustee Or Governor 2023-2026
LET Complaints Policy 2023-2025
LET Data Protection Compliance Statement 2023-2024
LET Data Protection Policy 2022-2024
LET E Safety Policy 2024-2025
LET Electronic Communication Policy 2022-2024
LET Equality Statement 2022-2026
LET First Aid Policy 2022-2025
LET FOIA Publication Scheme 2023-2025
LET Freedom Of Information Policy 2022-2024
LET Health And Safety Policy 2020-2023
LET Lettings Policy 2023-2025
LET Medical Needs Policy 2022-2025
LET Policy For Handling Unreasonable, Threatening Or Abusive Behaviour 2022-2024
LET Recording Policy 2022-2024
LET Remote Learning Policy 2023-2025
LET Right To Withdraw From RE Policy 2021-2024
LET Risk Assessment Policy 2023-2028
LET Social Media Policy 2022-2024
LET Suspension And Exclusions Policy 2022-2024
LET Whistleblowing Policy 2022-2024
LET Primary School Policies
Policy Date
LET Acceptable Use Policy (FS & KS1) 2023-2024
LET Acceptable Use Policy (KS2) 2023-2024
LET Anti Bullying Policy Primary 2022-2024
LET Behaviour Policy Primary 2023-2024
LET Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 2021-2024
LET Relationship, Health And Education (RHE) Policy Primaries 2024-2025
School Policies
Policy Date
Birstall Single Catchment Map 2023-2024
Brocks Hill, Hallam Fields, Highcliffe & Riverside Primary Admissions 2023-2024
Brocks Hill, Hallam Fields, Highcliffe & Riverside Primary Admissions 2024-2025
Brocks Hill, Hallam Fields, Highcliffe & Riverside Primary Admissions 2025-2026
LET PTA Policy 2023-2025
RIV Attendance Policy 2023-2025
RIV Charging And Remissions Policy 2023-2025
RIV Safeguarding Policy 2023-2024
RIV SEND Policy 2023-2024
RIV Uniform Policy 2023-2025