School Ambassadors

At Riverside, we are proud to have pupil voices that take part in School Ambassadors meetings. These meetings allow pupils to be involved in decisions about the school and how they can make it even better. By being a representative for their class, all pupils have the opportunity to raise issues and share ideas that are taken back to school ambassadors’ meetings. This ensures that as many pupil voices as possible are heard. Being part of the School Ambassador is a big responsibility and it allows the children to develop leadership skills. Each year, the children apply for the job and having to sit through interviews with a member of the SLT and then the class votes for their ambassador. This process helps the children understand the way to use different skills prepare them for the future. This also gives them an opportunity to discuss with their peers why they think they will be good for the job.

The School Ambassador Vision Statement is as follows:

  • Our ambassador work together as a team to ensure we can be the best school possible.
  • We aim to make pupils to feel comfortable, happy and safe at school.
  • We shall work hard to make our world a better place
  • We want to improve our school by discussing ideas and making decisions.
  • We aim to listen to others and discuss comments and suggestions that would make our school an even more wonderful place.

We have 8 ambassadors (from Year 2 to Year 5)

We have fortnightly meetings and focus on an area to develop and share the ideas in assembly.

House Captains

The house system at Riverside encourages constructive competition and gives the children a sense of community and belonging. We have four Houses called:

  • Swithland
  • Bradgate
  • Abbey
  • Watermead

These names were chosen in collaboration with the children to recognise our local green spaces. On entry to Riverside each child is allocated a House (siblings are in the same House).

Each year the Year 6 children can campaign to become a House Captain or Vice Captain for their house. The nominees are then voted in through a whole school democratic vote which takes place in September. The House and Vice Captains remain in post for a year and meet regularly to help support the vision and ethos of the school. They also lead House Assemblies where they promote the 6Rs. 

Throughout the year the children at Riverside can earn tokens for their House. We have a variety of different coloured tokens, each having a different points value, for e.g. a silver token at lunchtime is worth 2 points, a gold Headteacher token is worth 4 points, house coloured tokens are worth 1 point. They receive these for showing the 6Rs and the code of conduct throughout the school day. At the end of each term the tokens are counted and the rather large House Cup is awarded to the team with the highest number of points. This team also receives an extra playtime as a reward!

PE Champions

The PE Champions will have an exciting opportunity to be an integral part of the school’s drive to make sure that all children are engaged in and enjoy physical activity. The PE champions will get half a day of training that will support them in leading activities with other children in the school.  PE champions also will support in Sports Day preparation, sporting events, helping younger children develop and master fundamental movement skills and help look after sporting equipment. Finally, the PE champions will provide a voice for their peers to share their views on their PE curriculum.  Mr Green- PE LEAD

Computing  Ambassador

The role of a Computing Ambassador is going to develop over this year.  ​ 
This is supporting Computing in school and help push the subject forward!​ ​It would be working alongside the IT teacher to assist other adults in assemblies if needed.​ It will be a project where the children would be able to support and develop ideas of e-Safety.​ There will be competitions available including for Computational Thinking.​The children are able to support in lessons to support other children and any Computing issues.  Having regular meetings throughout the year to discuss how we can make Computing even better at Riverside!​ 

​ PSHE Champions 

The role of a PSHE Champion is to help provide children of Riverside with as many opportunities to participate in wellbeing activities. ​ The children will support on the playground by talking to them and be able to make their playtime fun and happy. ​ 
The children will be trained to use a variety of strategies and use different activities to support them and be able to ask your class what ideas they have to support the wellbeing for our children in school. ​ Children will have regular meetings with the PSHE lead teacher will have regular meetings to discuss the wellbeing matters. ​ 

Riverside Crazy Scientists

Crazy Scientists will be running amazing scientific activities in the playground with pupils during lunchtimes. Not only will they demonstrate and lead experiments, they will encourage other students to explore for themselves. This will be an amazing opportunity for the Crazy Scientists to exhibit their skills, initiate scientific language and promote science across the school. Furthermore, they will showcase Science in assemblies and with visitors at Riverside.

Riverside’s PSHE Protectors

At Riverside, we aim to allow all students to thrive and flourish in their own way. Our PSHE protectors will be ensuring that all children have a voice and know their rights.

These pupils will be involved in decisions about the school and how they can make it even better for every child in terms of health and well-being. By being a representative for their school, all pupils will have the opportunity to share ideas that will then be brought forward in our meetings.

Being part of the PSHE protectors is a great opportunity for the children to develop their leadership skills, learn how to become a global citizen and understand the importance of physical, social and mental health. This knowledge can then be passed on to their peers which helps to create a safe and nurturing school environment.

Our PSHE protectors aims and visions are as followed:

  • We work together as a team to ensure we can create a safe and happy school environment.
  • We aim to make pupils aware of their rights
  • We shall work hard to ensure all pupils are heard and encouraged to share ideas within our school.
  • We want to improve our school by discussing ideas and making decisions.
  • To ensure we prioritise our mental and physical health both in and outside of school.

We have 8 ambassadors (from Year 3 to Year 6) who will take part in meetings, assemblies and interact with visitors to share the importance of our work.

Riverside ECO Warriors

At Riverside, we are excited to have Eco Warriors who lead the way in making our school eco-friendlier. Our Eco Warriors act as pupils’ voices on what we can do to make our school greener. Pupils have opportunities to raise their concerns and share ideas that they have. Being an Eco Warrior is a great responsibility. It enables children to develop their leadership skills at the same time as learning how to be global citizens. It also allows them to interact with other members of school to achieve our eco goals. In the past, our Eco Warriors have taken part in fulfilling activities such as planting trees and litter picking and we look forward to taking part in similar activities this academic year!