Year 6


Welcome to the Year 6 curriculum page. Here you can find information about the curriculum being taught to your child whilst in year 6 at Riverside Primary School. 

We aim to ensure that each and every child develops a lifelong love for learning where everyone is encouraged to develop and reach their potential whatever his or her ability. 

During their time in year 6, we build upon the skills and knowledge that pupils have gained throughout their time in school and work with them and our local secondary schools to ready them for their next step in their education.  We revise and revisit past concepts to deepen learning and to move knowledge into long term memory.  Whilst in year 6, pupils undertake statutory assessment tests (SATs) to assess their attainment and progress at the end of key stage 2. 

In year 6, we have worked hard to create a curriculum that inspires, engages and excites all of our children.  Books and reading play a large part in each of our days as we demonstrate to children that reading to learn is a key life skill and one that can be utilised on a daily basis.  In addition to this, we spend time enjoying a large range of narrative texts enabling children to experience the joy of books.

Throughout the year, our curriculum is taught through 3 main topics:

  • Britain at War
  • Welcome to South America
  • Tell me a story - Lights, Camera, Action

You will also be able to access more detailed curriculum maps for each of these areas.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Clarke, Mr Mayoh or Miss Hirsh; we are always here to support you and your children in any way that we can. 



Curriculum Map - Autumn Term
Curriculum Map - Spring Year 6
Curriculum Map - Summer Term
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