April 06, 2023

Space Trip Excites Riverside Pupils!

Riverside’s Year 5 pupils had an out-of-this-world experience on Monday 27th March as they visited the National Space Centre. The school trip provided a unique opportunity for the children to delve deeper into the mysteries of space and learn about the science behind it. 

The highlight of the day was the 'It IS Rocket Science' workshop, where the children were introduced to the concept of combustion and the laws of motion. They also got to see firsthand how rockets work and the physics behind their propulsion. The workshop was highly interactive, with the children carrying out their own experiments and seeing the results for themselves. 

In the planetarium, our pupils were treated to a show that gave them an insight into the life of an astronaut. They learned about the rigorous training that astronauts go through and what it takes to be selected for a space mission. They also got a chance to explore the various sections of the Space Centre, including the Rocket Tower, where they saw a real piece of the moon. 

The Into Space section of the Space Centre provided an opportunity for our pupils to learn about the different types of spacesuits and equipment required when blasting off into space. In Our Solar System, the students learned about the properties of the planets and the unique characteristics of each one. Finally, in The Universe section, they discovered more about the mysteries of space, including black holes and the vastness of the cosmos. 

Overall, the trip to the National Space Centre was an unforgettable experience for our Year 5 pupils. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn about the science behind space exploration and to be inspired to reach for the stars. We look forward to continuing to offer similar exciting educational trips to their students in the future.