November 16, 2022

Year 6 trip to Beaumanor Hall

On Thursday 6th October, our Year 6 pupils travelled back to 1939 and became evacuees for the day at Beaumanor Hall. As part of their WW2 curriculum in History, we wanted to enhance their learning by giving the children the opportunity to take part in role-playing activities and experiences.

During WW2, Beaumanor was instrumental in the effort to break the German Enigma code and the day draws heavily from this rich history. Our pupils and staff dressed as evacuees and were sent to Beaumanor to escape from the bombings.

The children participated in Home Front Rationing, which consisted of them being issued with money, information and ration books, which they used to plan a meal. They visited the WW2 shop to buy the rations they needed, teaching them about the fair distribution of food when it was scarce. They were also issued with replica Identity Cards to complete.

In an original WW2 camouflaged radio building, the children recreated the purpose of Beaumanor during WW2 by listening for secret codes over real radio frequencies. They were then tasked with the activity of decoding the messages that came through, to replicate what would have happened at places such as Bletchley Park.

Our pupils took in their surroundings by visiting the replica public shelter, giving them the experience of what it would have been like during a real air-raid. We learnt and sang popular wartime songs and were taught about their relevance and context to the war.

The day was educational and interesting and was enjoyed thoroughly by all our pupils. They represented Riverside Primary positively and we are proud of them for their enthusiasm and involvement on the day.