January 29, 2024

Year One Students Spark Excitement in Fire Safety Workshop

Earlier this month, our Year One pupils enjoyed a fantastic and highly-informative fire safety workshop.

Delivered by a local firefighter in the school hall, the interactive session was designed to educate the children on identifying fire hazards and basic fire safety skills which they would be able to utilise in the event of any future danger.

Presented with multiple scenarios, the pupils expertly identified potential fire dangers, learned how accidents can be prevented and were also able to select the most appropriate escape routes, ensuring a swift and safe exit. They also familiarised themselves with the ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ technique and had tremendous fun practising.

The session was also full of engaging videos, pupils enjoyed role playing multiple scenarios and had the opportunity to ask a collection of thought-provoking questions.

It was an illuminating session; the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and approached the important topic with fantastic maturity.