Coronavirus Closure

Following on from the updated Government directive on school closures in the Leicester and Leicestershire area, Riverside is now closed from Tuesday 30th June to all students except children of key workers who have registered for a place.

Our Team
Executive Headteacher
Mrs C Williams
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs H Bolstridge
Mrs R Valand
Mrs S George
EYFS Phase Lead
Mrs L Hough/Miss M Attwood-Clarke
EYFS Teachers
Mrs L Hough/Mrs M Coley - Bears
Miss M Attwood-Clarke - Dragons
Mrs Greenaway - Hedgehogs
Key Stage One Phase Lead
Mrs H Ashcroft
Year One Teachers
Miss G Newton - 1 Roma
Miss S Gillies - 1 Honolulu
Year Two Teachers
Mr A Green - 2 Reykjavik
Mrs H Ashcroft - 2 Beijing
Key Stage Two Phase Lead
Mr J Matjasz
Mrs L Clarke
Year Three Teachers
Miss L Hemsworth - 3 Nairobi
Mrs Bolstridge/Miss Hampson - 3 Cape Town
Mrs Hayes - 3 Cairo
Year Four Teachers
Mrs K Cockayne/Mrs R Valand - 4 New Delhi
Mr J Matjasz - 4 Tokyo
Mrs S Bradwell/Mrs S Waters - 4 Madrid
Year Five Teachers
Miss H Saunders - 5 Lima
Mrs N Patel - 5 Athens
Year Six Teachers
Mrs L Clarke/Ms G Hirsh - 6 Santiago
Mr B Mayoh - 6 Buenos Aires
Nursery Nurse
Mrs J French
Mrs B Allen
HLTA/Cover Supervisor
Mrs G Norris
Mrs E Green
Learning Support Assistants
Mrs L Hennessey
Mrs R Manship
Mrs M Pollard
Miss E Barnett
(LSA/Cover supervisors)
Mrs C Hartshorn
Mrs J Ruddle
Miss C Page
Miss S Chibbu (ABA tutor)
Mrs M Tebbutt
Mrs J Scrimshire
Mrs C Munden
Mrs T Harding
Mrs J Bollard
Mrs K Ager
Mrs D Garrett
Mrs E Pears (SEN Assistant)
Mrs J Macmanard
Mrs R Adcock
Midday Supervisors
Mrs L Pedge
Mrs K Geeson
Mrs J Helps
Mrs S Knights
Mrs A Mason
Mrs T Newell
Mrs C Toon
Mrs J Young
Mr C Hewitson
Mrs M Channel
Mrs S Farmer
Mr H Patel
Mrs M Channel
Mrs N James
Administration Team
Mrs E Nichols - HR
Mrs L Williams – Senior Admin
Mrs A Smith – Finance Officer
Mrs K White – Admin Assistant
Premise Team
Mr S Dorsey/ Mr M Mistry – Premise Officer
Mrs S Goodman/Mrs S Lord/Mrs M Channel - Cleaners